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Three novellas of sweet romance to carry you away to love and adventure...

'Clint's Choice' ~ Has Clint lost the love of his life to a modeling career?

'Rena's Summer Vacation' ~ Will Rena survive when a handsome man invades her vacation?

'Lovely Lottie's Treasure' ~ Do entries in an old journal hide a badly needed treasure? 


Romance seems to come easy to some, but not to the heroines of these three stories.

'The Trouble with Fishing' ~ Will an unexpected trip prove too much for a city girl's romance?

'Christmas Tears' ~ How will a widow and two children survive on the streets in winter?

'Lady Constance Yankee Spy' ~ Does a new mission reveal a deadly traitor or lead to love?


This collection includes these stories:

'A Haunting Love' ~ A witch and a police officer meet in a haunted house

'Raising the Lost' ~ Can the former inhabitants of Atlantis bring it back?

'Dad's Favorite Holiday' ~ A murder occurs at a Halloween party

'Night of the Blue Moon' ~ What happens when Pandora's Box is opened?

'The Rescue' ~ A crash on a planetoid spells bad news

plus two award-winning  flash fiction stories:
          'Releasing the Beast' & 'Cappuccino and Christmas Snow'

Don't expect all happy-ever-after endings or romance from these stories.
Expect the unexpected...

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