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Dawn Campbell assists those dealing with grief, tragedies, and emotional stress by using various types of therapy, and sometimes a bit of Irish glamor on the sly.

Logan blames himself for his wife's death and is trying to raise his son Scott alone. But something is wrong -- the headaches and anger are becoming unbearable -- and he's in danger of losing his son, along with his sanity.

When Logan's house is broken into and his son becomes a target, will Dawn and Logan's doctor be able to help in time?


Author Rebecca J. Vickery writes romance, suspense, mystery, speculative fiction, and much more,
but always with a twist. Her husband says it's a product of her twisted mind.


A wife, mother, grandmother, and avid reader, Mrs. Vickery began writing fiction in 1998. With a background in technical writing, fiction released the creative side of her nature
and she hasn't looked back.

Join Rebecca on her many adventures.
She is always delighted to receive reviews, comments, and questions about her work at:

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